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About the Product
Ode to Wood carries wood products designed and created by David Levy at Hardwood Creations. Growing up in the pine forests of Southern New Mexico and working summers in a logging camp, David decided to use wood as his art medium. After experimenting with tree trunk sections and forming different colored woods into geometric patterns, he began an interest in design. David attended UC Davis, studied design, and started using domestic and exotic hardwoods to create functional pieces with geometric patterns made of solid wood.
The products are fashioned using a wide spectrum of vibrant colors and wood grains. From the flaming red of African Padauk, to the rich black of Peruvian Walnut, he creates unusual and durable objects that naturally compliment any decor.
“Our approach to the craft of fine woodworking is simple: make each item as if it were our own. Durability, practicality, and artistic beauty are the foundations of our work.
We begin by selecting the finest materials from a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods.
Then we combine traditional and modern woodworking techniques, including tongue and groove, dovetail joinery, and/or aliphatic pressure bonding followed by sculpting, shaping, and sanding.
Each piece is finished with a mineral oil or multiple coats of clear lacquer to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. No stains, paints, or dyes of any kind are used.
We are confident that you will find products at Ode to Wood a valued addition to your kitchen, living room, or office.” – Dave

Cutting Board Care
The care for your cutting board is very simple. Apply edible oil, mineral oil or olive oil on the wood liberally and let it soak into the wood overnight. Wipe off any excess oil in the morning. Using 150-grit sandpaper, rub the oil in with the sandpaper. When you first use the board it may become a little rough in the beginning from the water of washing and cutting. Use the sandpaper and oil to get a smooth finish. After a week or so the board will get “broken in” and will become nice and smooth. Use plenty of oil periodically to keep the moisture out the wood. If stained, or finish is slightly rough, use steel wool or light sandpaper, wipe clean and apply oil as above.
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