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We're back! We had a really busy holiday season selling some beautiful laminated wood products from laminated wood cutting boards to wooden desk accessories and wood furniture. All while updating our site with new pictures, content, designs, and products! We're still featuring David Levy from Hardwood Creations and all of his beautiful wood work. A lot of our customers wanted to know a little more history of Hardwood Creations and Dave so we wrote a little biography page for him. Read about Dave Levy and Hardwood Creations here!

David Levy from Hardwood Creations Booth
David Levy from Hardwood Creations Booth
Wood Removable Tray Cutting Board
Wood Removable Tray Cutting Board

We also updated our cutting board care page! The secret: oil oil oil. The best way to maintain a wood cutting board is to add mineral oil of olive oil so the board does not split or warp. Remember: water dries out the wood, oil feeds it and keeps it looking like new. You have invested in a gorgeous laminated wood cutting board, the last thing you would want to see is that board begin to split. Also, DO NOT PUT YOUR WOOD CUTTING BOARD IN THE DISHWASHER! Check out our cutting board care page for more detailed instructions by clicking here!

We are still featuring 4 gorgeous laminated wood products so take a look at them. At the beginning of the week we choose 4 new products to feature that week and throughout the week we give detailed descriptions of them. So be sure to check in frequently to see what's new!

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