This week’s featured wood products!

It has been awhile since we featured new products but here we are! Brand new year, brand new you! We are featuring 4 new wood products and based on our customer feedback we will be featuring the Sapele Wood Remote Holder, a Laminated Flower Lazy Susan, a Two Person Chinese Checkers, and an Adjustable Wooden Napkin Holder. Below you can browse the products and post some questions you might have. Are all of these products designed and created by Dave Levy at Hardwood Creations? Can the Flower Susan come in different woods? What are my color options for the Chinese Checkers? Was there a unique machine or tool used to make the napkin holder? All these questions and more will be answered throughout the week so be sure to come back and check our blog!

Large Striped Cutting Board Knife Block Trivets
Large Striped Cutting Board Knife Block Trivets

And even though we aren't featuring any cutting boards this week, we still want to remind you to take care of your wood cutting boards. The main thing is to oil them with mineral oil but for more in depth care instructions, check out our cutting board care page. All your wood cutting board care questions will be answered there. Happy cooking!

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