Why Wood? Part 2 of 3: The best material for products

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This week we are talking about why wood is the best material to use when making any product. We are talking about durability and beauty. If you properly maintain your wood products, they will last forever. Wood furniture is something that gets passed down through generations. Wood toys transform into beautiful wood desk accessories. And we always talk about wood cutting boards lasting a lifetime but it's always important to reinforce it.

David Levy from Hardwood Creations has been making cutting boards and game boards for almost 40 years now and customers are always talking about how well the products are made and how long they last. Dave still uses the very first wood cutting board he made 40 years ago. He attributes this to the craftsmanship as well as the material and maintenance. The cutting board care is simple: add mineral oil to prevent the boards from drying out. Every other piece that has a lacquer finish just requires a wipe down or some furniture cleaner.

David Levy from Hardwood Creations Booth
David Levy from Hardwood Creations Booth

Another nice thing about good quality wood products is that a lot of it is made here in the United States of America. American made wood products is the way to help the country. Our woodworkers love making products and you can't beat American craftsmanship. Here at Ode to Wood we pride ourselves on offering only American made wood products. We connect you with the woodworkers around the country to get the very best material and products. While some artists get their material from around the world, everything is handcrafted here in America.

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