Why Wood? Part 1 of 3

A lot of our customers want to know if wood is the best thing to be using. We are here to say, yes, wood is the best thing to use with everything. This will be a 3 part post where … Read More

January 26, 2016 Featured Items!

Brand new week, brand new featured items! All 4 of these wood products are hand crafted by David Levy from Hardwood Creations. Dave doesn’t use any stains, dyes, or paints in any of his products, all the color is from the … Read More

This week’s featured wood products!

It has been awhile since we featured new products but here we are! Brand new year, brand new you! We are featuring 4 new wood products and based on our customer feedback we will be featuring the Sapele Wood Remote … Read More

We’re back!

We’re back! We had a really busy holiday season selling some beautiful laminated wood products from laminated wood cutting boards to wooden desk accessories and wood furniture. All while updating our site with new pictures, content, designs, and products! We’re … Read More

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