5 Woods that are Excellent to Use

Let's talk about five excellent woods to use when making any type of wood product. These products can range from wooden cutting boards, wood furniture, kitchen accessories, wooden desk accessories, and even wood toys. And even though these awesome different hardwoods come from around the world, the best products are American made, here in the USA.

1. American Maple

American maple is a very hard wood. It one of the most recognizable woods because of it's white color. Most wood cutting boards are made using American maple. It can be sourced around the country but David Levy gets his American maple from the Midwest. 

2. African Sapele

This wood is similar in look to mahogany but it's density and hardness is more aligned to American maple. Sapele is a brown wood from the tropical forests in Africa. It is distinguished by it's color and shiny grain and is most commonly used in wood furniture.

3. American Oak

Oak is probably one of the grainiest woods used in furniture design. It's light brown and has a lot of grain variations. Because it is so abundant, most American made wooden furniture is made with American oak wood. Indiana has a good amount of American oak that is ready to be used for any wooden cutting boards, wood furniture, or toys to be made.

4. African Padauk

Many people don't find many products with padauk in them because it is so exotic. But never the less, padauk is a fantastic wood to use in any wooden product. David Levy uses African padauk as his trademark look and style. It is usually the reddest wood around so if you see a wood cutting board with a red stripe down the center, bet money that it is padauk! 

5. Walnut

Last but definitely not least, walnut is a very hard wood and is an amazing wood to use in any wood products, especially cutting boards. Because of the cost of walnut, it is typically the darkest wood used in things like wooden cutting boards and wood furniture. There are darker woods like Ebony and Koa but those ones are more expensive and not as common as walnut.

This is just a very short list of 5 common woods in various American made wood products. With that said, we'd love to hear some other woods you all like to use in your products!

Top Selling Wood Products

Medium Striped Laminated Wood Cutting Board
Rubber Foot
Medium Striped Wood Cutting Board

This versatile board accommodates all of your slicing needs
Dimensions: 15″ x 12″
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), Baltic Birch (striped), American Oak (light brown)

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Sapele Wood Puzzle Trivets Flower with Bowl and Susan
Sapele Wood Puzzle Trivets Circle
Full Sapele Wood Puzzle Trivet Lazy Susan with Trivets and Bowl

For the people who love to entertain, this is the set for you. The most functional cutting boards around combined with a matching solid Iroko wood bowl and trivet Susan is a sure way to impress your guests!
Dimensions: 16″ diameter (Trivet Susan), 14″ diameter (Puzzle Trivets), 8″ x 8″ (bowl)
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), American Oak (light brown), Iroko (bowl)

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Laminated Oak Sapele Remote Holder with Remotes
Laminated Wood Remote Holders
Oak Wood Remote Holder

Tested with all different remotes and cell phones
Dimensions: 4″ x 6.5″ with a height of 4.5″
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), American Oak (light brown)

$80.00 Add to cart
Laminated Wood Letter Clipboard
Laminated Wood Clipboards
Wood Letter Clipboard

Take notes in class…with class!
Dimensions: 9″ x 13″ (Letter/Standard size)
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), American Oak (light brown)

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