This Amazing Wooden Remote Holder

This amazing wooden remote holder, designed and created by David Levy at Hardwood Creations will make a beautiful addition to every living room or office. This wood remote holder is designed to hold 4 remotes and a cell phone in the … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Buy American

We often hear the “buy American” slogan and think American manufacturers use it just to sell more products. But the truth is there are a ton of reasons to buy American-made clothing, American-made wood cutting boards, American-made wooden furniture, and … Read More

Shout Out to Dash of Texas!

Becca at the Dash of Texas really out did herself this week! She used our awesome Sapele wood puzzle trivets and Iroko bowl to create an epic charcuterie board! You seriously have to check it out. She uses dried salami, Italian sausage, … Read More

Prevent Deforestation by Using Wood Products

I think we can all agree that we all enjoy forests and see them as valuable assets that provide recreational opportunities, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife habitats. So instinctively, we probably dislike the idea of cutting trees in the fear that … Read More

5 Woods that are Excellent to Use

Let’s talk about five excellent woods to use when making any type of wood product. These products can range from wooden cutting boards, wood furniture, kitchen accessories, wooden desk accessories, and even wood toys. And even though these awesome different hardwoods … Read More

New Wood Artist: Justin Savu

We will be featuring new wood products from wood artist Justin Savu in the upcoming weeks! He is a talented woodworker from Marquette, Michigan and he will be adding a variety of wood furniture, hardwood cutting boards, and wood art. … Read More

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