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Light Wood Puzzle Trivets with Bowl


The most functional cutting boards around combined with a matching solid Iroko wood bowl! These pieces are perfect for entertaining and everyday cutting.
Dimensions: 14″ diameter (Puzzle Trivets) 8″ x 8″ (Iroko wood bowl)
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), Iroko (bowl)


The three wooden puzzle trivets combined with the solid Iroko wood bowl really make the cutting and entertaining arrangements endless! Have long French bread on the cutting boards and cheeses, dips, or oils in the bowl at the end. Or set it up in a flower arrangement with cheeses on the petals and bread or crackers in the center! The possibilities are endless.

Wood Puzzle Trivets: These avant garde, leaf shaped boards are designed to fit together in a multitude of arrangements for stylish, creative food presentation. Display individually or grouped. The total diameter of 3 boards arranged together is 14 inches. All boards are finished with mineral oil and have rubber feet on the bottom to prevent warping and slipping.

Iroko Wood Trivet Bowl: The Iroko wood trivet bowl is a great addition to the already unique puzzle trivets. Use it for dips, sauces, bread, or crackers. Iroko is a very dense hard wood which is very water resistant. So feel free to put dips, dressings, salsas, or any type of liquid, directly into the bowl, it won’t damage the wood. It is also routed out from one solid piece so you don’t have worry about leaks.

This product was designed and created by David Levy from Hardwood Creations. Read more about David Levy here!