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Wood Game and Coffee Table


This coffee and game table is made for the family. Parents can play chess or backgammon while the kids play mancala or checkers. Flip it over when you have guests over and use it as a beautiful coffee table. Made with high quality laminated hardwoods, families will be using this game coffee table for generations!
Dimensions: 20″ x 52″ (Extension legs provide 3 different heights from coffee table up to sofa table)
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown), American Oak (light brown), Peruvian Walnut (Black), Maple (light chess and backgammon pieces), Rosewood (dark chess pieces), Walnut (dark backgammon pieces)


This one of a kind wood coffee table serves a multitude of purposes. On one side it serves as an elegant coffee table. Flip it over and it becomes your private gaming center. The table also raises up with a set of extenders that make it a higher sofa or high game table. The game side includes a backgammon board, mancala board and a chess or checkers board. This lovely, versatile table is hand crafted from laminated exotic and domestic hardwoods. The durable lacquer finish assures enduring beauty. All of the hardwood playing pieces are included. Chess pieces are Staunton style, competition size, triple weighted, and have felt feet on the bottom to prevent scratching the table. The pieces for backgammon are made from solid maple and walnut and can be used to play checkers. There are 72 stones for mancala.

This product was designed and created by David Levy from Hardwood Creations. Read more about David Levy here!