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Wood Puzzle Coffee Table


This is the most versatile wood coffee table on the market! It can be rearranged into a countless number of designs. Circle coffee table, long coffee table, sectional coffee table, individual coffee table, zig-zag coffee table. The possibilities are endless!
Dimensions: 43″ diameter with a 17″ height
Woods: African Padauk (red), American Maple (white), African Sapele (brown)


This laminated wood puzzle coffee table is one of a kind and is custom made to order. David Levy designed this piece so it could be rearranged into multiple configurations. If you have a long couch, set it up as a long coffee table. If you have a sectional, set it up in the “L” pattern. If you have guests over, use them all individually. If after 15 or 20 years you want a new coffee table, stack them and make some really unique shelves. Each pieces is made from laminated hardwoods and has a clear spray lacquer finish. The diameter of the circle coffee table is 43 inches and has a height  of 17 inches. The legs unscrew making transportation a breeze.

This product was designed and created by David Levy from Hardwood Creations. Read more about David Levy here!