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Wood Stool with Back


This wooden coffee table stool is guaranteed to be conversation piece in your home. Designed to match our game table, our wood stool fits anywhere in your home.


This sculpted saddle seat made of exotic & domestic hardwoods is guaranteed to be a conversation piece in your home. The sloped center aligns your back making this stool surprisingly comfortable. The dark wood is African Sapele, the red wood is African Padauk, and white wood is American maple. The base is made of solid veneers of maple and formed into a curve. The saddle seat is made to float above the base so it does not look like it is attached. The curved back is positioned perfectly for comfort and beauty. These stools are an excellent addition to your game table and can also be used as an entry way stool.

This product was designed and created by David Levy from Hardwood Creations. Read more about David Levy here!